Today, talking about “adult shag” is often considered a new phenomenon. And certainly, it is not a new idea but the way in which it was traditionally used, namely in outdoor saloons where the atmosphere of the gathering was basically friendly and relaxing rather than the stiff and formal corporate environment, has changed.

Few differences between the shag style

Few differences between the shag style

Shaggy pants, boots and an informal style of dress are all part of the adult shag wardrobe. Although many individuals consider the shag look to be synonymous with the youthful, fun, carefree attitude of youth, you’ll see that in this article we’ll talk about a few differences between the shag style and your average jeans and T-shirt wearer.

For instance, shaggy pants or shorts give you a slightly more powerful and masculine look when combined with an overall body shape that has a slimmer, sleeker and leaner look to it. Since shaggy pants are often worn with sweaters, they work out very well for those who have a square-jawed body type.

The same thing applies to a shaggy, floppy hat which can add an air of disheveled youthfulness to a bald head. When combined with an unkempt hair style, a shaggy hat gives you a much more disheveled look.

The most obvious difference between the shaggy look and the usual jeans and T-shirt wearer is that the shaggy-style wearer’s appearance is certainly not casual, unlike the casual-wearing person. The shaggy-style look is quite a bit more durable, lasting and timeless. Unlike other styles, the shaggy look tends to be comfortable for many years.

How the shaggy look works?

How the shaggy look works?

In addition, because of the shaggy look, wearing baggy pants, boots and a shaggy hat can add some flavor to the overall look and feel of any occasion. It can be an appropriate choice for any kind of occasion or situation.

Now, let’s take a look at how the shaggy look works for different parts of the body. Shaggy look works well for the legs, back and upper torso.

A short, shaggy hairstyle can be worn by simply wearing long shaggy style pants that have black tights underneath. You can then add a shag to the front and back of your hair for a good touch of shag.

A shaggy style hair, combined with the shaggy-style pants and boots and a shaggy hat gives you a versatile, self-contained style that will make you feel good and look good. Additionally, this look also works well with a shaggy hairstyle as well.

Give you a unique look that can be fun and playful

Give you a unique look that can be fun and playful

A long, shaggy hair style may be even better as you have the option of adding accessories that can make your look even more stunning. For instance, putting on a scrunched up baseball cap and then adding an accessory like a bowling pin, a tennis ball or a rugby ball to the end of your hair will give you a unique look that can be fun and playful.

The adult shag look can be very different depending on your choice of clothing, accessories and hairstyle. Although the shag is no longer only used in shaggy pants, boots and hats, it still can add a little bit of youthfulness and fun to the entire look.

When working out which shag style will work best for you, consider how you wish to wear your hair, how it would look with the shag, the number of people in the shag, how long it will take to get into your hair and what your hair texture is. With these ideas in mind, you can easily create a stylish, casual shag that is both comfortable and easy to style and just as functional as it is pretty.

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