This is intended as an information site for Sport Pilots

I will build this site as time permits and gladly accept ideas

Legal page on SP not counting towards PP

Sport Pilot Search Page
Czygan Sport Pilot Blog
Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards
Sport Pilot Checkride Info
PDF of the long awaited operating limitations guidance document 8130.2F Change 2
The Rule in Microsoft Word
The Rule - normal web version
The Rule - 19 page pdf

The NPRM as a text file
NPRM Part II (350kb)

The ring leaders for UL registration:
United Stated Ultralight Association Homepage
Aero Sports Connection Homepage
Experimental Aircraft Association

Other important folks to get to know:
North American Powered Parachute Federation

My response to FAA (still under construction):
NPRM Response Text

Sport Pilot Discussion Groups:
Part 103 Tech Group

Sport Pilot NPRM, etc:
Link to the NPRM docket page
FAA's SP page
1998 Original ARAC NPRM

Ultralight Friendly Airports:
Camarillo Airport Homepage

Ultralight Clubs:
Ventura County Ultralight Aircraft Society Homepage

Ultralight Schools:
SkyRider Ultralights

Joe Griffey's well written UL History
Randy Hansen of EAA replies to questions

Parts Manufacturers:
Raven Redrives

Tables of Government data:
Fatal Accidents 1982-2000
NTSB Ultralight Accident Statistics
Run your own NTSB query

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